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Love the fight more than the finish

I read an interesting blog today titled “Are Your Athletes Searching For Answers?”. Here’s the link to the blog.

Blog Here

It basically states that the #1 reason athletes under perform during competition is a lack of mental toughness.

Then I found another blog offering 5 tips to increase mental toughness.

Blog Here

My favorite is #5. The other 4 are great, but #5 is a real gem.

Love the fight more than the finish!

We need to cultivate the love of competing more than the love of winning.  You gotta love the fight. You gotta love the fight. You gotta love the fight. Yeah, I think that may stick.

Full Reps!

Bret Wagner


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Dr. Suess and Colossians 3:21

I am acutely aware that businesses are not supposed to mix business and religion. I am also acutely aware of a famous Dr. Suess quote,

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Suess

As we head into our tournament season, I’d like to remind all of the dads out there of one Biblical principle that I needed reminding of Wednesday night and yesterday morning.

As an ultra competitive dad and coach, I am aware of that “fine line”. That “line” demands and expects effort. That “line” demands and expects focus and concentration. But that “line” should never sacrifice your child’s self worth and the altar of results.

Full Reps!

Bret Wagner

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From Good to Great

I had a breakthrough last night with my son.

He’s 9 and he doesn’t listen to me when it comes to baseball. Funny, uh? He knows I played professionally. He knows I’m a relatively smart guy who studies child development with respect to motor coordination. He knows I know. Doesn’t matter.

But then I said something that made him think twice.

“Cole, when I tell you something, it’s not because I’m trying to take you from bad to good. I’m trying to take you from good to great.” That line of reasoning really resonated with him. He was very receptive to what I had to say after that. Interesting isn’t it?

No matter what I said, he made the inference that “HE WAS BAD”.

Just food for thought for those dads out there experiencing the same issues.

Full Reps!

Bret Wagner

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An unhandled exception has occurred

I’m a self taught web application developer. A computer geek, if you will.  I think back to when I began programming, about 8 years ago, and laugh at how many times I saw the dreaded, “an unhandled exception has occurred”. This error message is a nice way of saying, “Sorry dude. The code that you thought would work, didn’t work at all.” But…the nice thing about that dreaded error message is that it usually provided some clues as to where my “bad code” began.

I would take those clues and begin the debugging process. Debugging is the process where web developers zero in on any and all errors. It allows them to “fix” their application.

Think about the beauty of that learning process. Instant and PRIVATE feedback.

Instant feedback is critical so you don’t continue down the wrong path.
Private feedback is critical because you never risk public criticism. Public criticism destroys many a kids desire to work.

We are currently working on a series of Green Light Hitting drills that will allow your developing hitter to get both Instant and PRIVATE feedback. No more having to tell your son, “that’s not right.”

Stay tuned. We are very excited about our upcoming Green Light Hitting app.

Full Reps!

Bret Wagner

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What We Believe

The other day, I received a phone call from an inquiring dad about what we believe with respect to hitting. I couldn’t help but think about that Silverado commercial where someone asks this guy, “So, what do you do?” And all of the nuances of his life go racing through his head. I wish I would have known the question was coming. I would have certainly given a better answer. So…maybe he reads this blog.

GoWags Believes:

Intent Precedes Content – It doesn’t matter how relevant or accurate the information we provide is. If your son isn’t able to process the information, it’s a waste of time.

Core Strength is Key – If your son doesn’t have enough core strength to rotate on two planes, we should focus on that before discussing technique.

You should teach age appropriate skills – Although “staying inside the ball” is key to becoming a great hitter, it isn’t what 8-11 yr olds should be thinking about. Because most pitchers their age don’t command the strike zone, a powerful rotational swing is priority #1. When they are rotating properly, then we can talk about adjusting.

Degrees of Freedom trump everything – Google “Nikolai Bernstein Degrees of Freedom” and you’ll discover one of the key principles that Green Light Hitting is founded upon. We will attempt to unlock your hips, your front shoulder, and your wrists. IN THAT ORDER. If your barrel isn’t connected to a properly rotating core, “taking your hands to the ball” won’t do you any good.

Full Reps!

Bret Wagner


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Intent precedes content

Do you want the truth or do you want affirmation?

It matters…

Don’t forget to play our March Madness Bracket Challenge for a chance to win $250 in GoWags cash.



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Nerdy baseball blog – Part II

Initial Impulse.

If you’re interested in developing as a hitter, you truly need to understand the concept of initial impulse. In physics it’s defined as FORCE x TIME.

Hitting a baseball is a timed event.  In order to be successful you need to apply a force and you need to do it in a short amount of time. Many of our classes and lessons revolve around this concept. We attempt to teach our hitters how to apply that force INTO THE GROUND  very quickly. Regardless of your age or skill level, our drills revolve around this initial impulse. We must train FORCE and we must train TIMING of this force.

If you have a son that plays baseball, you don’t need to understand “initial impulse” to make your son better. However, you need to understand these phrases from a coach can destroy an “initial impulse.”

– Make it be a strike.

– A walk is as good as a hit.

– Lay off the high ones.

Caution destroys aggression. Aggression is key to force.

Full Reps!


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