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Thoughts from Dylan

Dylan who? Dylan is an exceptional 9 year old baseball player who plays on my son’s GoWags Patriots travel team. We have a good team. Dare I say a very good team. During the week, many of the GoWags Patriots “split up” and play in our local Rec league. All in all, a very well run league.

Yesterday, my son’s team beat Dylan’s team. It was a close game early but toward the end of the game it got a little lopsided. I was coaching first base and happened to strike up a conversation with Dylan who was playing first base. He had just finished pitching. Here is a snippet of that conversation. Keep in mind that Dylan is used to winning. Keep in mind that Dylan is accustomed to a high level of play from all his teammates.

Me: “Dylan…I thought you threw the ball hard at times and other times you were aiming. If you’re ever going to be a good pitcher you have to have the courage to throw hard all the time.”

Dylan: “I don’t think so…I just wish I could play with our travel team all the time. We need better players. Players that can catch.”


Full Reps!




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Meeting Needs – Google Style

Do you know what baseball coaches want?

Competitive baseball games. Period. Unfortunately, many times this requires a tournament fee of upwards of $1,000. And even then, you aren’t guaranteed COMPETITIVE games. You’re only guaranteed games.

Enter the TEAM LOCATOR web application. This web application literally allows coaches to put their team on “the map”. A google map to be exact. Enter your team information and allow other coaches to find you and your team for competitive games and / or scrimmages.

Click Here to get “on the map”

Full Reps!

Bret Wagner

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These are a few of my favorite things

– When an 8 yr old looks you in the eye and listens…Really listens.
– When a senior in high school who has already committed to college continues to “get his work in”
– When a “yellow light” hitter finally turns “green”
– 2-0 changeups
– When one of my blogs actually helps…And mom or dad tells me
– When I watch the Little League World Series and I see a “GW” in the stands
– When one of the boys in our classes thanks me
– Random texts from “my players” telling me how they did
– When a 12 year old boy comes to GoWags just to lift weights….because that’s what HE needs
–  A 9 yr old with awareness
– Watching mental toughness happen right in front of your eyes
– Good body language after a bad call
– Good body language after a teammates error
– Tournament trophies
– A baserunner who doesn’t rely on the third base coach
– The thought of other coaches drawing a GoWags team in the first round
– New GoWags teams (Go Marauders!)

Please add to the list with some of your favorite things about GoWags.

Full Reps!

Bret Wagner



Does your son need a pitching coach?

Is your son a perfectionist?
Is your son risk averse?
Would your son prefer to blend in rather than be in the spotlight?

If you answered NO to the above questions, your son is uniquely gifted to be a pitcher. With the right mechanics he has the perfect mindset to “deal”.

If you answered YES to the above questions, chances are your son may need a pitching coach. I’m talking about a pitching coach who has been there and done that. You can google “balance point”, “direction”, “finish”, “follow through”, “extension”, “pitching on-line”, “throwing across your body” until your blue in the face. It won’t help. With your boy, learning how to pitch as more to do with overcoming his perfectionist tendencies than anything else. A pitching coach who can relate and assure him that what he’s feeling is completely normal helps. It helps a lot. Take it from a true perfectionist. I know. Some of my favorite (and best) pitching coaches were more psychologist than coach.

Here comes the self promotion 🙂

I’m available for pitching sessions every Monday and Wednesday nights.

Bret Wagner

Full Reps!


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Play Ball!

Lots of our teams in action today! Good luck boys. Parents…keep us updated via this thread!

Full Reps!!!!

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A Message from “Go”

Kyle and I often get asked, “Why the name GoWags?”

Most understand the “Wags” piece. It’s the “Go” that throws them off.  “Go” is Dr. Bob Gorinski. He is a Dr. of Physical Therapy at Cardin and Miller. Here’s a link to Bob’s information.

Link To Bob’s Info here

Simple text doesn’t do Bob justice. He’s the real McCoy folks. As smart as he is strong.

Bob invented the 5 minute bike sprint on our Schwinn Airdyne. Anyone who has ever attempted it knows how evil the test is. It literally brings you to tears. Bob is officially the only person who has ever broken the 400 average watts mark on the 5 minute bike sprint. FYI…my record is 396! Chris Heisey’s record is 392! Bob recorded a 458!

He can squat 450 lbs for 20 reps!

Bottom line…Bob knows how to get stronger and produce more force.

He wrote a great blog today, titled “The fastest way to get in shape”.  I highly recommend taking the time to read this blog and many others. Really good stuff.

Blog Here

Full Reps! (Bob coined this phrase too!)

Bret Wagner

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Cross Promotion

Baseball and Ice Cream. A real slice of Americana.

It just so happens that I own GoWags and Bruster’s Ice Cream. For the most part, I’ve kept the businesses separate. There’s not much opportunity for cross promotion with GoWags and Bruster’s. Until now!

If you’re a parent or coach and want to treat your son or daughter’s team to Bruster’s, take advantage of our special GoWags $1.00 menu link. This link exists exclusively on our GoWags home page and will take you directly to our $1.00 menu pre-order page.

Pre-order your teams treats in the 5 or 6th innings and we’ll have your order waiting on you when you get to the store. How cool is that? Did I mention everything is a $1.00?

Here’s the link to the pre-order page.

Remember to bookmark it.

But, if you forget. You can always find it on our GoWags homepage.

Full Reps!

Bret Wagner

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