You can’t quit now…you’ve made a commitment

“You can’t quit now. You’ve made a commitment to the team. If you don’t want to play next year, that’s fine. But you have to finish the season.”

That’s the refrain that all of us parents use when one of our kids says they want to quit something. Right?

But have they really made a commitment? And to whom have they made their commitment? You can’t really commit to a team. A team is simply a name on a jersey. The real commitment is to the coach and the other players on the team. You commit to them.

So, what does commitment look like? What does commitment feel like?

Here’s the definition of commitment.

“Promise or agreement to do something in the future”

…to do something, …to do something, …to do something. It seems that the word commitment implies action. In order to commit to something, you must promise TO DO something.

Here’s where the line gets a little blurry. Who decides what you’re supposed “to do”? THE COACH OF COURSE!

Every coach is different. Some coaches simply ask that you show up on time for practices and games. Some coaches ask a little bit more. Maybe to practice on your own a little bit. And then there’s THAT COACH. The coach that wants to push you to your limits. The coach that wants to see if you can actually reach your potential. The coach that values practice MORE THAN games. Because games are simply the test. Practice is where you “sharpen the saw”. He wants you at HIS practices. He wants to hold you accountable. Accountable. Are you becoming the player he wants and expects you to become. Or…Are you just wearing the jersey?

So…Before you tell your son that he can’t quit because he’s made a commitment. Ask yourself. Has he?

Full Reps!





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