What do waiting in line at Hersheypark and hitting a baseball have in common?

My brother tells the story of when he took his then 4 yr old brother-in-law, Jake, to Hersheypark and they found themselves in a really long line waiting to get on one of the water rides. It was hot. Kyle was hungry and thirsty. So, he asked Jake, “Do you really want to wait in this line?”. Jake said, “No”. Perfect, Kyle thought. They could get out of this heat and get something cold to drink. Kyle and Heather proceeded to walk away and Jake threw a fit. “I thought you didn’t want to wait in line?”, Kyle asked. “I don’t”, replied Jake. “But I still want to ride the ride!”

Think about that. Jake was 4. He understood the question. But didn’t understand the implications. Again. He understood the question. But not the implications.

So…Let’s talk hitting.

One of the 6 core principles of Green Light Hitting is Bat Speed. And, bat speed is a function of GROUND FORCES. You can’t create angular velocity without first having a significant “impulse” or push into the ground. You know. Newtons 3rd law. For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. If you push down into the ground hard, the ground actually pushes back. And that “push back” is where Angular Velocity lives. Sure. When you’re older and stronger (Again…the importance of GreenLightHitting leveling system), the need for the ground “push back” isn’t as important. You can create more ground forces on your own. But, until that time, you need to create ground forces.

For the young developing hitter, ground forces are king. They are a must. If you can’t create ground forces NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. But, time and time again, I hear coaches telling young hitters, “Get your foot down on time”. Actually, not bad advice. It is important to get your front foot down on time. But never, never, never at the expense of ground forces.

Young players may understand the statement, “get your foot down on time”. But do they understand the implications? Do they understand the implications of what you are saying? Based on my experience, the answer is a resounding NO! If you are continuously telling your developing hitters to “get your foot down on time” they will sacrifice ground forces in order to get their foot down on time. My astute readers are probably asking, “If getting your foot down on time is so important, why not just keep it down?” EXACTLY!!!!!

Here’s the link to our Green Light Hitting site if you’re interested in the other core principles besides Bat Speed.


Full Reps!

Bret Wagner

Luke Wagner creating ground forces

Luke Wagner creating ground forces


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