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Full Reps – Please Read

New’s Years Day 2012 will mark the 3 year anniversary of Kyle Ford’s death. I still can’t believe it. 15 years old.

If you’ve been around GoWags for any length of time, you’ve either seen our “Full Reps” shirts or heard us break our camps or classes with a  loud “Full Reps”!

Many of the kids who come to GoWags will never appreciate the meaning behind the words.  The term “Full Reps” was coined by Bob Gorinski. The original “Go” in GoWags.  An amazing writer, Bob wrote this wonderful blog about Kyle Ford. If you have time, read this blog and share it with a friend. And give your son or daughter a big hug, and tell them you love them!!!

Kyle Ford

Long toss

10/22/08 – 68 mph

12/11/08 – 74 mph

Squat Jump

10/13/08 – 412 watts

12/11/08 – 588 watts

Some pretty intense basketball games went down in the early morning hours at Cedar Cliff high school. That’s where I first met the Wagner brothers about 5 years ago. Just a few minutes and jumpers in my eyeball later, I learned what’s on the outside; that these guys are real athletes.

Speaking to them very little, it wasn’t much longer until I learned the rest.

That’s how it is with sports. Even recreational competition reveals character. Any sports and physical training where you take it seriously and dig deep and risk failure are like magic glasses that reveal the soul.

You want to really know a man? Step on the field or court, where real life happens, no faking. Compete against him. Better yet, compete with him. Watch him and pay attention.

Kyle Ford was (like) a nephew of the Wagner brothers. He was a “guinea pig” for some of our early ideas for GoWags, so I heard much about this particular athletes progress in our system. I completed his orthopedic assessment, ran him through a few of our performance tests, and routinely viewed the fruit of his work posted on-line.

Hard work. He was the first guy at GoWags to truly get the point of 20-rep squats. He put up some impressive power and baseball numbers, at the age of 15. Not the absolute best, though he was quickly gaining on anyone who wasn’t working like he was. That’s almost the point.

But even better than the physical improvements, Kyle was getting it! He was pursuing focus. He pushed harder, suffered the uncomfortable consequences of disciplined effort, and didn’t quit. He was learning for himself how the mind raises the body. I’m told by those close to Kyle that they could see the “whole life” changes brought on by the circular effects of increased confidence and improved physical performance.

Kyle was gulping down the full dose that the Wagners and I intended for GoWags. Oh God, this is not about baseball.

I never had much time with Kyle. After that initial assessment, I exchanged a few greetings with him and briefly watched him train from a distance. I remember watching him strain under the bar with squat jumps. I remember taking a mental note while Kyle was trying to do chin-ups. He was struggling, going all the way down and up without me needing to tell him to. He seemed to be going even higher than what’s required.

This taught me about Kyle Ford.

Long before GoWags, I saw how, of all tests, competitive young men are easily tempted to do a partial range of motion on chin-ups. Especially when there’s something at stake. It’s easy to appear that you can best your buddy or your rival. You may get a higher ranking in the GoWags database. But the truth of doing only partial reps on the chin-up test is that you’re either cheating or lazy.

Kyle Ford is why, for testing purposes, we will not count incomplete reps at GoWags. I don’t care how good the intentions, or if your next game is T-ball or MLB All Stars. That’s the kind of “paying attention” Kyle and Bret and I are doing when we watch you train. That’s why it’s about character, always.

I didn’t know Kyle Ford very well, in some terms. I have little room to speak on all of him, and I never really like our human tendency to deify the entire life of a person after they are gone. But this I can say, must say, because I know:

Kyle Ford did full reps.


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